Our business is to help business owners and managers make and collect payments on time, and hassle free. We are able to offer multiple payment options through one secure account. Softy Compís debit order solution has an online based system that enables companies to process debit order collections regularly from bank accounts. The debit solution includes debit order setup facilities, bank modulus checking, automated collections, full payment administration and comprehensive reconciliation reporting. If you have a business that collects money from customers, members or subscribers, then this solution will work for your company.

Softy Compís Electronic Funds Transfer Services.

Softy Comp has engaged in a series of products and services that will solve most of your electronic funds transfer needs, if not all. These products and services all have the following goals in mind:

  • Bank information verification of clients or employees,

  • Electronic payment of funds to or from your own bank account and

  • Payment history and statistics per bank account.


The following is a list of available services and software:

SCORE Online (IE, Chrome, Firefox)

  • Simple, quick, secure and cost effective way for your customers to pay you.

  • No need to purchase or install software.

  • Debit order collection services are provided online

  • Capture and submit debit orders directly on the Online website.

  • Competitive transaction fees

  • Bank account validations and verifications ensure correct data capturing.

  • Debit Orders can be processed on any day, excluding Sundays and public holidays.

  • Two day and NAEDO debit order services available

  • Manage and reconcile your debit orders easily.

  • Real time reporting available at the click of a button.

  • Surety is built up gradually as payments to you occur.


Check Digit Verification
(Windows, Linux, .NET, Httppost)

  • A set of formulas allowing verification of account information, either in-house, or over the internet.

  • Successfully used from Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel, Clarion, any internet browser, or the SCORE system.

  • CDV library updates every four months, or as industry changes occur.


Account Verification Service
(JSON, SOAP, or on the SCORE System)